PLEASE TAKE NOTICE THAT my services are at your disposal in terms of the terms and conditions as set out in the "Contractual Agreement and Investigations Mandate".

Please visit my website at in order to obtain more information in this regard.

My cellular number is 060 635 6205.

The following services are rendered but it is not limited to the same:


Accumulation of evidence, Witness Statements, Documentary Proof etc., Research and more


Accumulation of justification grounds or refuting evidence


Fraud, Theft, Theft of Trust (Entrusted) Funds and more


Accumulation of justification grounds or refuting evidence


Road Accident Fund, Medical Negligence, Labour Disputes, Police Brutality, Professional Misconduct and more


Attorneys/Management/Complainants/Clients/Victims/Trustee's/SA Police


    How to obtain the services of L. A. P. I.?

  1. You firstly respond to the advertisement in whichever form you discovered the availability of L. A. P. I.

  2. You then obtain a contractual agreement and investigative mandate and read it.

  3. You the pay the initial pre-investigative consultation fee into the bank account of The Proprietor as cited in the contract should you require the services offered.

  4. If you are satisfied with the contract and need the investigation to commence as soon after the first consultation as possible you deposit the whole amount at once.

  5. After any of the payment options was done The Proprietor shall contact you and an appointment shall be scheduled for a personal interview or consultation and then the merits and requirements and all diverse aspects shall be discussed.

  6. Regret, only once the first payment is received a meeting shall be set up and information shall be exchanged.

  7. Unlike the most people in society who want to bill you afterwards this Proprietor submit that he is fully capable of giving you a cost analysis before the investigation commences. There shall thus be no account afterwards and there shall also be no hidden costs.

  8. As submitted in the contractual and investigative mandate the average costs of investigations are R15 800-00 (fifteen thousand eight hundred rand) and this includes the initial pre-investigation consultation fee of R800-00 (eight hundred rand) and also the average case investigation fee of R15 000-00 (fifteen thousand rand).

  9. Should it occur that an investigation involves the utilization of numerous resources like e.g. the services of a Voice Stress Analyst or Polygraph Tests such financial implications shall be determined beforehand and The Client shall pay it in full before the commencement and arrangement of the said.

  10. The Client may also deal with these other individuals directly and remunerate them according to their own payment policies.
Adv. E. Smit (Private Investigator)
N. Dip. Pol. Admin. Bachelor of Laws (LLB) (UNISA)
PSIRA Reg. No: 2068519 SASSETA Reg. No: 201219BA040509 P.I.

Cell: 060 635 6205 /
19 Perskeblom Street, Pellissier, Bloemfontein, South Africa

(Sole Proprietor i.t.o. Sections 1; 20 (1) (a) and 21 of the PSIRA Act No. 56 of 2001)